House Of Chandeliers

The House of Chandeliers is the largest conference facility in Anguilla. With both a large conference room and a dinning room, big events can be accomodated.

Both the conference room and the dinning room have powerful airconditioning systems for the comfort of the attendees.

The House of Chandeliers was the location for The Financial Cryptography 97 Conference. This conference was a successful event and the organizers were very pleased with the facility and the staff. They can be contacted as a reference for the House of Chandeliers.

The House of Chandeliers is associated with and attached to The InterIsland Hotel.

This is the view from the middle of the dining area looking toward the corner with the 20 x 20 foot area.

We have an overhead projector, and also a computerized projection system. Powerpoint presentations can be displayed on an 8 by 10 foot screen directly from your PC.
This shot shows the 2 foot rise going from the dining room up to the conference room.
The table settings. New chairs have been purchased since this picture was taken.

At the right are the plans for the conference and dining rooms. The Podium is on a stage that is 17 inches higher than the conference room. The conference room is 2 feet higher than the dining room.

Phone: (264) 497-6259
Fax: (264) 497-8207