Fishing for Jacks

Monday March 9, 1997 at Junks Hole in Anguilla, I took these pictures of people bringing in some Jacks they had caught.

In Anguilla they put a very large net (like 800 feet long) to trap a school of Jacks. Then they put a small boat inside this trap and use a smaller net to pull the fish into the boat.
The big net has floats to keep one side on the surface of the ocean. This is called the "cork line".
The other side has lead to keep it on the bottom of the ocean. As the net is pulled in divers have to lift the "lead line" over rocks and coral.

This makes the net like a fence or wall around the fish. They can be either traped against a section of the shore, or completely circled by the big net.
Power boats carry the fish over to a beach where they can be unloaded.
People then use buckets to carry the fish from the boats to trucks.

In this catch there were enough fish to load up 3 trucks.
This is lots of loads of buckets, and so many people work at this.
These boats were nearly full of fish earlier. This is after 2 trucks were loaded up.
Some fish were sold while others were still being loaded onto the truck.

I am told the trucks did not make it all the way to the valley before they had sold all of their cargo.

But I, and a number of other people, ate "roast jacks" right on the beach. We used grape leaves to hold the fish. We diped them in the salt water to add some salt, and to cool them a bit. They were excellent!

Vince Cate